Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Birds and the Bees (Giveaway!)

This is a dedicated post. Dedicated to my amazing friend KP who is dedicated to the children of the city of Chicago. This loving wonder of an Amazon is about to undertake what is across the board talked about as the most awkward, integral conversation of adolescent life. With classrooms full of 5th-8th grade students.

It's Sex Ed season in the city schools. Mixed messages are doled out alongside maxi pads and Teen Spirit every Spring and this one is no different. Except one of my good friends (and arguably one of the more hilarious people I've met) is responsible for it. Which puts me into complete stitches every time I consider it (sorry KP).

My point...I told Karyn I would ask the Internet for some pointers to help her help kids. The following needs to be accomplished and I think you'll see she needs all the help she can get:
  • The basics for both XX and XY
  • The basics for when XX and XY get XXX and Y they do that
  • How to get that done without anyone getting sick or multiplying
  • How to not do that until marriage/abstinence
  • How to evaluate situations (saying no, etc)
  • Innocuous explanations for all the half-truths heard from older siblings/cousins/neighbors
  • Understanding different kinds of people and families

So let's help KP. What do you wish your counselor had told you during this pivotal period? IS there anything that would have made it easier?

Top 3 submissions are winning hair products from my former life's secret stash!

*Use of veiled euphemisms is encouraged but not stringently enforced. If you feel you like your point would most constructively made with themes not typical to this blog, email

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