Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cheezy Like (Cheddar & Onion) Biscuits

This poor blog is a sad state of affairs. You know you've been on hiatus when your significant other tells you it's time. I still presume him rather ambivalent to my corners of the internet for some reason. It's not that life has gotten dull or stale (HA) or that I've quit cooking (HAHA) or kissing (LMAO). It's just that I frequently find myself all tapped out. And I look at this lovely thing and I see a template that I've seen a dozen other places. I think my blog needs new shoes or something. Maybe a matching URL.

I often wonder if a new look to call my own wouldn't be just what the doctor ordered. Or if I simply need to try a little harder to be a morning person. I was a morning person on Saturday, the light on those damn biscuits as my witness.

I shouldn't use language like that with them, it wasn't their fault. Saturday was the one collegiate tradition I still uphold with friends and continues to resonate with me year after year. In preparation for what can be a rather colorful day (if by colorful, you mean green), and properly introduce it to Jaimeson, in town for a few days, our plan was to take Friday night off. Make dinner at home. Bake the biscuits. Watch a movie.

The appeal of two bottles of wine did not factor in for either of us until it was too late and there I am trying on the bridesmaid dress I'll don in several weeks with my big fur hat. Waltzing around the kitchen and living room to bayou music with my ever-so-amused paramour. (Shakes head)

So you can understand that in such a state, I may have over-handled some biscuit dough. May have dropped a step off the process. May have made English muffins rather than the flaky, buttery biscuits I'd envisioned.

Oh no. I could not show up at breakfast with these. And yet I was in no state to keep baking and at least able to recognize it fully.

Que 5am. I'm awake. I'm AWAKE and panicked. There are very few areas of my life in which I could qualify for OCD behavior. Not my desk. Not the dishes. Not the laundry. Not the hair.

Really just cooking and baking. And these "biscuits" by groggy, soggy, soupy morning light? Unacceptable. Good thing Jaimeson picked up that extra cheese because I shut HC in the bedroom to sleep with him and I got. to. work. I knew I was working with a great recipe, Rustic Kitchen/Janine have yet to steer me wrong, but dough of any kind requires a light touch and not a small amount of eccentricity in a baker. #1 mehhhh but #2 CHECK.

Second time's the charm. I pranced right back to bed just in time to rouse the troops with a triumphant piece of biscuit in hand (J is not said to like mornings but I usually go with food and sweetness and have never had a problem). And thus we took our offerings to Boo's and that is where my camera stayed. Probably for the best...you wouldn't believe the rest of the day if I told you. And I'm not entirely sure that I would have told you anyway.

Recipe can be found at Rustic Kitchen. It's delicious and may save lives.


TKTC said...

It's very interesting. I go away awhile and I miss this. I miss the interaction and I miss the outlet. But then I come back and my garden, left untended, is mostly dandelions and crickets. Won't the roses come back? Maybe it will take some more patient tending...

Maris said...

LOL at your "blog break." It sounds like you've been busy making and then re-making biscuits.

If you DO get your blog new shoes, don't forget to find it a matching purse ;)

Rachel said...



Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

Those sound AMAZING and I may need to make them tonight.