Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ice Cream: What a Dish

My mind has been all over the place this week. All over the place in a way that tells me to eat as many vitamin-rich meals as possible but slips in at the last second and says nothing but "pie" or "ice cream." Neither of which are things I tend to keep around the house (distance makes the heart grow fonder). Tonight ice cream was louder. And the chorus was Jaimeson's voice going "We're adults! We can do whatever we want!" which usually does lead to something like pancakes for dinner or an extra glass of wine. Cause I live on the edge like that.

I emailed a couple college buddies who live behind me and one came back thrilled at the idea of a cup of ice cream and a glass of wine. While I waited for them I got to thinking about ice cream more than any sane person who is not David Leibovitz should.
This is really my ultimate ice cream. It's chocolate, it's high quality and it's likely pricey so it could take me a month, 1-2 bites at a time to get through a pint. From a portion perspective this is good, hits my sweet spot without creating a binge.

This is next because the chips are about the same size and evenly distributed. It's still more of an ice cream shop purchase but from a portion control perspective, this works. It's good, it's a classic and fits the bill when I'm in a York or Junior Mint kind of mood. Also my Dad's favorite.

Now Cherry Garcia is where I start to run into real trouble and I'll tell you why. When an ice cream is filled with large chunks of goodness it's feast or famine if you're a "stuff" kind of person like TKTC. I'm in it for the extras. The cherries, the chocolate chunks. And I won't put my spoon down until I hit a drought. In other words, if I hit an oasis of "stuff," be it cookie dough, brownies bits or *ahem* caramel cone, I'm digging till I get everything in plain sight. This is much too dangerous to keep in the house.

But then there is an isolated night like tonight. When Amanda walked over, she'd brought a cake she'd made on a whim Monday. With sprinkles. Neither of us had eaten dinner. You know you're in trouble when wine is the healthiest thing being consumed at a meal. But it was fun and it's now 9:45 and I'm headed to bed so all's well that ends well. And by ends well, I mean ends with a long walk tomorrow after work and edamame for dinner.
In case you were wondering what tonight's poison was, it is Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone. Just as lethal as Cherry Garcia. Thank God we had cake to fill us up before more than half the pint was demolished.

Just go with it.


Scoop said...

I might have to borrow this idea if I'm too tired/lazy to cook dinner one evening. If two consenting adults can agree to eat just ice cream, cake and wine for dinner, then it's not a crime. And I'm sure I won't get any resistance from my hubby either.

Yet another perfect meal idea from TKTC. I enjoy reading your blog, and the mushroom one too!


ANG* said...

i totally use that "we're adults - we can do whatever we want!" constantly.

its true.

and yum on your dinner ;)

nicoleantoinette said...

Totally agree with the mint chocolate chip from BR. I don't know why, but it just isn't as good from other places. And that first ice cream? looks delicious! I'll have to put it on my list :)

Molls said...

This is a great entertaining idea. I would be thrilled to go to a party where ice cream, cake, and wine are the only items on the menu. And I totally dig cherry garcia, mmmm

Any Little Reason said...

This post is pure torture to a 7-month pregnant woman - ice cream, cake, and WINE? Dear God.

TKTC said...

Scoop: You and I are going to get along I think. And not just because you read my mushroom blog as well, which happens to be my baby!!

Ang:Remember when we were going to be running partners? I think I've fallen off the wagon this week. And hurt my back. Must. Eat. Leafy. Greens.

Nic:I feel like you live in the promised land of orgnaic amazing everything. I bet you have ice cream abounding from all your California cows. It's weird that I crave SoCal now. There's a day I never thought I'd see!!

Molls: "Dinner" Party. Hell, "Dinner" Buffet, let's just add pie next time. I'm going to give myself diabetes.

ALR: I was just kidding with Mols, don't you go giving yourself diabetes. Which isn't to say I don't think you deserve ice cream. I think that producing another human deserves extra scoops of everything you want. When I'm pregnant I will crave mashed potatoes from KFC, cheese bread from Papa Johns and BW3 chicken wings. Three items I haven't had in years but would pretty much jump at with such a good excuse. It will also take me till preschool to lose baby weight. I hope J isn't reading this. And if he is, I am totally kidding, I might gain like 2 lbs tops and it will go straight to my A cups.