Sunday, March 22, 2009

A(nother) Proposal for the Brides

I am in the midst of some very stylish wedding invitations. I'm planning plane tickets and parcels wrapped in whites and blues. Determining dates and dresses. Spring is here and it's brought marriage for many friends...more every year. I love hearing the details but admit to blushing a light spring green at the idea of registries.

I'd do well by a registry. I feel like I might just make one to organize my materialism into a checklist at Williams Sonoma. Motivate my personal savings, allow me to price shop a bit. Currently, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that for someone whose full daily ritual revolves around food (work, play, boyfriend flirtation), I am missing some fairly basic equipment.
  • No Toaster or Toaster Oven
  • No Blender
  • No Mixer of Any Kind (Hand, Immersion, Standing)
  • No Cast Iron Skillet
  • No Full-size Food Processor (my mini is awesome but overflows)
  • Coffee Pot (okay I have one but it is a 4-cup that is woefully out of date)
I look at that list and I definitely think it's registry material. So here's my proposal to all of my lovlies getting married. If you are starting to see duplicates in your soon-to-be Mr+Mrs. kitchen, send the originals my way. Counterspace or Not (Decisively Not) I will find a place in my heart and kitchen for your lovable plugables.

Your donation to Wicked Park also qualifies you for a foodstuff prepared with the item of choice as an act of christening and gratitude. To be delivered at the end of your honeymoon when you are tanned but exhausted. Think about it.

I don't care if they are not brand, spanking new, I assure you they will be well-loved into a ripe old age. Till death do us part. Ideally the toaster goes before me but with some of those gadgets you just never know.


nicoleantoinette said...

I am totally amazed that you are without a food processor and mixer. Those are definitely the two things I couldn't survive without in my kitchen.

Scoop said...
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Scoop said...

Your cooking looks amazing. Just proves you don't need fancy gadgets to make good food.

lbs said...

You are going to LOVE registering...all those shiny new kitchen tools. Also, these are excellent Christmas/B-day present ideas too!! Do you remember S&TC when Carrie Bradshaw registered for shoes b/c she was sick of buying stuff for everyone else. I think you should "register" for your next b-day or Christmas!!

Any Little Reason said...

Oh lady, you would have cleaned up if we'd known each other when I got married!

I used to register for Christmas presents - beat the hell out of having to answer the question "What do you want?" over and over...

joner said...

ha!! I got a kick out of this post. seriously!

TKTC said...

Nic:I had a beautiful red KA hand-mixer that died recently. Many pies, cakes and frostings owed their livlihoods to it though and I hope it passed restfully.

Scoop: Welcome Welcome! And don't be fooled...I never make anything more difficult than melting butter, putting something in the butter and steaming veggies. Jealous of you Californians who are already able to grow your own veggies to steam!

lbs: Maybe I will. I just want to go get that little gun and go. to. town.Are you registered for the Chief yet? I think you both deserve toys on that registry!

Any Little Reason: Yeah. It's official. Registering for June. Part of me still feels kinda guilty for wanting a standing mixer pre-wedding but I could get over it:)

Joner: That's because you might have more weddings than I do. Let's share the wealth. If you get duplicate toasters and I get duplicate blenders, we can trade. Miss you.

healthy ashley said...

I love the image! Good plan to get the tools!