Friday, March 20, 2009

The Return of Beautiful Things

Back in the day (err last year?) one of my favorite kinds of posts to do had nothing to do with food at all. Ok, it always comes back to food at some point with me but they were not food-centric. Rather, they were posts about pretty things. Then a funny thing happened and its name was Tumblr. I started posting all of the pretty things I saw over there because most were one-offs. It was so easy, so simple.

But now I've found Blue Bell and in preparation for their antiques show in Andersonville this weekend, I came across too many beautiful things to clog up dashboards on Tumblr. So I'm back. And there are pictures. I found all of the below on Blue Bell's Etsy page and I have a feeling there's LOADS more where these came from. We will be using a virtual gift-giving format to explain my choices.

Rebecca, so she can throw a lot of fabulous scarves and sme sweet rompers in this classic red suitcase and run off to her honeymoon in her signature fashion. If I kept it, I want to throw this on top of a low table and use it to display my collection of glass bottles/vases. Will that get me featured on Apartment Therapy? No? Rebecca it is :)

Molly would get this faded print of Provence in the Art Deco frame. Because we stalked petits mas like this all over the French countryside and she almost got run off a drainpipe of a road by a garbage truck because I was taking too long with my camera. If I kept it, it would match my living room and go up on a gallery wall with #7/ Sky Falls and the following:

If I was selfless enough not to put this on my "gallery wall," I would give it to CVDJ because when she used to paint, this was a bit of how she did it. And she loves anything that looks like it might be part of an Anthropologie catalog set and, well, if the shoe fits.

I'm bringing back Minerva Maidens. Every week the hosting Monday Nighter bestows the owl on the next hostess for some such good deed or another. OMG I need this.

Marianne. It's vintage AND in German. If I kept it I would do something functional with it like laminate it and use it as a serving surface for outdoor parties because I don't speak German.

Molly again (you are hypothetically CLEANING UP here Mols). Molly loves gin. I need one that says Vodka and then Lexi can have a matching one. And mine can say whiskey or bourbon because the trifecta is just too Gatsby for words.

Mom. Because while it's a little over the top for her typical stylings, I've stolen most of her mirrors and think this would be pretty darling on CC somewhere. If I kept it, I would hang it above my desk to compliment the other floral motif mirrors I've stolen from her.

DW. Because I "didn't like beets" till she told me to try her salad at Graham Elliot last August. I've now successfully ordered beets at every opportunity and have roasted them myself in two kitchens, on two coasts. In my fridge now. Beets. Bears. Battlestar Gallactica.

Me. I get to keep this one because it's the same one my parents already have in Massachusetts. It came with the house. Now that I'm thinking about it, there are a LOT of gems that came with that house...
Jaimseon. And by Jaimeson I mean "J, do you have a spot in the bungalow that's quite as perrrrfect for this lovely vintage globe, perched perrfrectly on that stack of old books on the post-mod credenza? You doooon't? Oh well that just won't do..."

Good thing I'm good at sharing.


foodmomiac said...

Oh, I love my hypothetical gift!! I had no idea I had such an impact on your beet-impaired life. :-)

A "cheery" disposition said...

That second picture is pretty! I would love to have that and hang it somewhere in my house.

Molly McGuffin said...

I'd be totally okay if you hypothetically procured the two treasures labeled pour moi :) As soon as I saw that Provence picture, I was immediately sent to Gordes, Fr ... do you remember that pict of me sitting on a set of stairs eerily similar to those in the pict?!?! Ahhhh ... les bons temps! And the gin carafe? Um amazing! Miss you - see you in a couple of days, and glad the posts are back!!!

TKTC said...

Foodmomiac: Yes, in a span of 2 weeks you completely turned my entire food world on it's headstand. Parfait:)

Cheery: Well hello! Isn't it amazing how affordable vintage finds are?! I'm showing serious restraint here!

McG: Come home. Stay home. And yes I remember the picture in Gordes. And that ridiculous hat I insisted on wearing everywhere. And let's go back...or are you sick of France now? NEVER!!!