Friday, March 27, 2009

Will Work for Food

I'm pointing you elsewhere today. To a lovely place in a darling other corner of the internet where I'm talking about the same things I usually talk about here, only I actually got to do it as part of my job with Edelman, blogging for the Mushroom Council over at The Mushroom Channel.

I know I've mentioned it before because Scoop about made my day yesterday when she said she'd been reading it. It's like starting TKTC all over again with the wondering and all the excitement of a new project!

That's me talking over there today. It's not always me- sometimes it's people considerably more famous than I am like The Wednesday Chef, Kath Eats, Eat Live Run, the founder of TASTESPOTTING or We Are Not Martha. I'm obviously in good company. If it were tennis, I would be "playing up" so to speak. And you would be ducking... luckily I'm somewhat safer in the kitchen.

As for this post in particular, I bought a pound of mushrooms, sauteed them in a lot of goodness and then scattered them into meals throughout the week as an experiment for work. Pasta Yia Yia, omelets for dinner and the ultimate dinner party dish are all included. I need to find a really cute T-shirt that says "Will Work for Food," it's true on every level.

Seriously, I'd probably come wash your car if you made me lemon squares and a BLT. We should talk about that when it gets a little warmer out.

In the meantime, please go find out how to make weeknight dinners a little easier and a little healthier.

Happy weekending to all and to all a good afternoon!

PS If you want to win one of these (below), let me know when you post a mushroom recipe!


Scoop said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out, which was completely unnecessary. But still very much appreciated : )

I just left a question on the mushroom blog about their shelf live and freezing habits.

I don't know if it's because I've reading the Mushroom blog, but I have started noticing some serious 'shroom buzz...a snippet on Ellen and a paragraph in Self magazine (or some other similar fitness mag that I subscribe to) in the last few months. If that's because of you guys, then great job!

nicoleantoinette said...

I had the most delicious stuffed mushroom appetizer the other night and immediately thought of you. So now, you can add mushrooms to the Official List of Things That Make Me Think of You. They come right after Twitter and the San Francisco Airport.