Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Night?

It's Friday night. I don't know if it's my body still decompressing from the craziness of March/early April or if I managed to mentally age myself an extra several decades.

If we're going to be really honest, I think Spring is out to get me and I'd just as soon not tempt fate till May. I'm a Fall person anyway, for me Spring is "Well yes, that's nice and all that things are greening but let the sun out and let's drink wine in the garden already. *ACHOOOO*"

I'm not Spring's favorite either. My acupuncturist (yes, I have one of those now) says that people are more likely to have mystery issues in the Spring. The season itself has too much energy than can't be expressed through wood- the medium of the season, apparently. So my diagnosis (once my tongue was deemed "very healthy," you would not BELIEVE the things you can tell from a tongue) was that I have a lot of internal energy and it's having a tough time expressing itself. I buy that. I buy that like I buy the fortune cookies and horoscopes that say nice things I presumed of myself anyway.

So I'm walking an extra lap around the block and stretching in the mornings and I'm mostly laying low at night.

Like tonight:
  • Making chicken stock and matzoh balls.
  • Arranging tulips.
  • Organizing my taxes
  • Talking to the cat (That little biz is in cahoots with Spring. Steals my earrings, chicken, sleep and dignity)
  • Watching a documentary
  • Listening to my iPod on random (the musical version of "shopping in my own closet")
  • Folding laundry

Not really "Goodnight", goodNIGHT for emphasis. It's 9:20pm so I have a good solid hour of hard partying until I'm in bed with my Cooking Light.

I'm not going to make it this way till May. Not every night. I can't.

So instead I'm going to go on tour for three days.

Yes, I'm going on the road with a couple awesome musicians through the Rocky Mountains.
  • I will have excessive amounts of wine with Sass and Carlyle.
  • I will sleep in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah respectively.
  • I will visit radio stations and try to look like I can play so much as the tambourine (I will tease my hair to help disguise my lack of musicality).
  • I will have whiskey drinks and fish tacos.
  • I will have coffee and a camera on the state line.
  • I will have Jaimeson. For the first time in 5 weeks and 2 days...if you're counting.
I will be on tour in the mountains this time next week. And I may not go to bed at all. Better get my goodnights in's time for adventuring again.


Shelley said...

So jealous of you! Have lots of fun with your boy, Angel Taylor, and Brandi Carlile.

RebeccaC said...

I love that you're going on Tour! Have fun Penny Lane.

Oh, and for your stretching pleasure, check out my favorite Podcast: This guys makes me happy.

The Charming Hedonist said...

I have an acupuncturist too! It's amazing what those little needles can do!

TKTC said...

Shelley: I'm really excited- Brandi's been a favorite of mine for awhile, Angel is skyrocketing and then there's J:)Good things, all of them.

RebeccaC: Penny Lane? Not quite but funny! And that podcast looks amazing...wanting to do it from my desk.

CH: I loved I just need to keep finding time to go!