Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Violet- You're Turning Violet!

I don't really know how to frame this. Those of you who read my Tumblr or Twitter could be aware that a blog friend turned real life friend turned occasional colleague, HeatherSpohr, lost her daughter last week. I've been thinking about the Spohrs a lot and I've been reading about it a lot as Heather is part of a very tight network of other bloggers, most of whom (present company excluded) are also parents.

Maddie was 1 1/2 and while she was cognitively smart as a whip and seriously sassy (in swimwear and otherwise), it was complications of having born 3 months early that took her very quickly last week. I'd never met Maddie and have only hung out with her mom a couple times but I surprised myself with how hard it hit.

One of the blessings of "the life online" is the ability for people removed by distance or even prior knowledge to spring up, arms open. Between last Tuesday when Maddie passed and today, more than $25K has been raised in her honor for the March of Dimes. A totally separate fund was set up for her parents, to help pay the mountain of medical bills still amassed.

People are turning their avatars purple, their blogs purple and releasing purple balloons today, the day of the memorial service.

It's no secret I love kids. At some point in the distant future I'm hoping to have a few and in the interim, you can find me at 826 Chicago or hanging out with little bits belonging to other people. This is tough stuff but I'm not going to dwell on the sad, it's not Heather's style and it's not mine, so let's think some happy thoughts today.

Like how much good can be accomplished with the money raised for March of Dimes. Wearing a lot of purple today with that in mind.


lbs said...

What a tear jerker, thanks for sharing. Now I see why you were wearing that fabulous purple skirt yesterday. Aweee

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory = Best Movie Ever

Scoop said...

This is a touching tribute to your friend's daughter. It's good to know there are such kind-hearted people like you in the blogosphere.

I'm sooo bummed that I didn't read your note about getting drinks until now. I've been off the grid for most of the day, and then the lil brother and I went to 50/Fifty to watch Lost. Thank you for the invite! It's so nice of you.

Have a great trip! I'll be sure to check the musician pages, and keep an eye out for them for when they travel to the Bay Area!

lbs said...

I know you're gone for vaca, but saw your comment on my blog and had to say you're so right!! I don't know much about "The Secret" but now I'm intregued. I honestly usually get whatever I ask for when I blog about it. So interesting....

Have fun lady!!!

The Charming Hedonist said...

Hugs all around. Nothing worse than losing a little one.