Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reeling: The Official Family Holiday Pasttime

If I love movies (read: I really really love movies), I come by it genetically. For as long as I can remember, a trip to the movies is one event my family could always agree on. We would make the journey together and do our best to share the experience. Even if that meant a science fiction gunbuster for my mom. Or a slightly saccharine RomCom for my dad. Compromises thought to be made have almost always turned out to be win/win. No time is this more true than the holidays.

Past Langsen holiday cinema choices? Good Will Hunting, Life is Beautiful, Sideways, Slumdog Millionaire, Casino Royale, The Green Mile, Home Alone...we've got a good track record. And if it were completely up to me, every night would be movie night. Suspension of disbelief, armchair adventuring, popcorn with butter flavoring...all good for the soul.

I leave for Florida tonight and I've decided to leave you with some ideas for your own movie nights...let me know if you've already seen any of these or if I've left something sure-to-be-awesome off my list!

The Young Victoria
I like Emily Blunt a lot and I love the range we've seen from her since her turn in The Devil Wears Prada. Not to mention I'm a sucker for period dramas, sweeping real life romance and English accents. Also, she's about to be part John Krasinski and perhaps I'm somehow helping him in the process. I still like him a lot. Recommended follow-up is Christmas feast fit for a royal. A me and Mom flick.

It's Complicated I expect to laugh loudly and love everyone involved in this film to pieces. Yes, including John Krasinski. He's about to be part Emily Blunt, you know.

Avatar Some of you have seen it already. Color me blue with jealousy. Official full Langsen family film selection for 2009.

Up in the Air Clooney/Reitman is an "always" scenario. Also, who doesn't have a slight obsession with mileage collection?

The Fantastic Mr. Fox
File under suspension of disbelief also known as compound Hogwarts-Narnia complex. Also, Wes Anderson. Come on. Have a Turkish delight for old times sake

The Lovely Bones It's dark subject matter but it was beautifully written and looks beautifully translated. And I trust no one more for beautiful translations than Peter Jackson.

Nine I'm going to need this to re-start the fitness portion of "The Morning Person Project." Penelope Cruz is wildly inspirational to me in that way.

That should keep me busy for a few days, no?


Bayjb said...

You have a great list here! Lots in common with mine too. I saw An Education tonight and liked it. It's Complicated and Nine are next up on my list. Young Victoria is absolutely on my list too. CANNOT WAIT. Oh and you'll love Up in the Air, we should discuss.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Emily Blunt favorite.

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Thanks for vising my blog!! I responded to your question there too, but thought 'd catch you here as well. Absolutely, to the manual process. Follow the Recipezaar link and the original recipe IS actually a manual one - I was just being lazy. ;)

Yvonne said...

I read the book 'The Lovely Bones' and am pretty sure I will see the movie. Thanks for posting, Btw, some have told me that my new 5 yr old friend looks like a young Dakota Fanning. ALso, I see that you are now linking your blog to FB. (I am following) I copy and paste. Can you tell me where you found that?