Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mythology: The Art of Sins and Consequences (plus some Food Pr0n)

On January 4th, I started this post by loading photos of all the lovely things I ate over the holidays. On January 14th, I started really missing my blog but still couldn't find the energy to finish said post. On January 21st I decided that I needed to post this so I could clear my head enough to start doing modest, more regular posts again. I caught myself saying "I had a food blog" recently. And while the past tense seems truer than the present sometimes, it made me sad. Because I do really miss it. And you.

So here is me using the smallest number of words I think I've ever used on record. Five words per picture to take us through the celebration, the travels, the changes, the sins (that would be the baked goods. I regret nothing). Hopefully five words to get me back on track.

Shameless drive for office popularity.

Jason's fancy cohabitation celebration treat.

Recently discovered we are Norwegian.

Dad's stuffing smells like Christmas.

Will work for fish tacos.

Work is busy but delicious.

Brother made me a breadbaker.

Giada has nothing on Gina.

There are mushrooms in here.

Spanikopita Sally says Happy 2010!

It's celebration food, y'all! -Paula

JoJo is Scandinavian, as well.

A cozy place to start.

Then Green Penance. See "consequences."


ANG* said...

love this post!
welcome back.
and YUM.
can't wait to hear about all the fun things you guys cook together :)

lbs said...

DELISH!!!! Good things come to those who wait -- this post was worth the wait! I am so hungry and it's only 7:02 AM!!

Whitney Thompson said...

Great post! God I love fish tacos too, I'm convinced that this little place in charleston has the best. If you ever make it down here I'll have to take you! Maybe your next post can be the Kona Smashed Salmon Salad?

Amanda said...

I too will work for fish tacos! Or any tacos! Thank god I live basically next door to Arturos.

TKTC said...

Ang: You'll continue to see previews but unless he does a for real guest post, I doubt they'll be any recipes. He's just not a recipe kind of guy!

LBS: YOU are doing pretty great yourself!!AND with a newbor. Also? I miss you! And the Chief!!

Whitney: Following post has your name on it and I will take you up on that trip to Charleston!

Amanda: I've never had Arturo's. Fixing ASAP.

kat said...

I've come back to read this post about seven times since you put it up, and finally decided that I should leave a comment of the "Hey, this is so lovely" variety.

Hey! This is so lovely.