Monday, October 8, 2007

The Mondays

Hello Phantom Readership,
Jessica Monday here. Yes, you read that right- I'm a Monday. I became everyone's least favorite day of the week at about 5:30 this evening. Least favorite day of the week= the bank holiday that you have to work on.

At 5:30 my boss, coworker and I headed to the vet to put Boss's cat Muffet to sleep. We three hesitant reapers had post-office margaritas to get us through it. And a pack of houndstooth print travel Kleenex. Muffy passed away at 6:30pm. I cried alot and felt terrible about it because she wasn't even my cat and I don't spend enough time with the one I DO have.

And I got annoyed with Chip. He gets me to come over and I'm obliged because it's been a crap day and I'd like the company. Then he proceeds to let me sit in his apartment while he talks on the phone. Just sitting for a good half hour listening to Sister Hazel and God knows what else on his iPod. Sometimes I wonder if I don't like because I'm supposed to like him.

God, I'm like the dull version of Carrie Bradshaw. On that note, time to snuggle with the kitty and turn on the SATC.

Goodnight, Good Luck and Good Thing that tomorrow is Tuesday.

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