Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Luxe Life

Because I have been a terrible terrible blogger of late, I decided to reward myself (you heard me right, I get more out of this than you do) and do a mini favorite things post. Click on the pic to take a closer look at the creature in its element.Charlotte Moss Cashmere Travel Blankets- Can I have all three? Maybe a few roundtrip Silverjet tickets to London to match. I also think the periwinkle would look particularly nice as a wrap to keep warm while crossing under the English Channel.Santa Maria Novella Pot-Pourri- Let me explain a little about love. In my experience, you know immediately. None of this "It will grow over time in friendship" bull. You may be wondering what this has to do with a dime-bag of Mary Jane (isn't that what it looks like?) but if you've ever visited my home or the Free People boutique on Milwaukee, you're starting to put it together. At the beginning of September, C'est Bon Cam and I took Midwest Jess for a little shopping excursion. This was my first foray in since the bricks and mortar of a brand I have loved for the last ten years opened around the corner from my (then brand-new) house. It smelled heavenly. Heaven= an earthy mix of lavender, sandalwood and a few mysteries. I had to have it. Two emails with Free People corporate and a lovely package from LAFCO NY later and my apartment smells like the little Florentine apothecary this stuff is developed in.
Kate Spade Trio of Books- Style, Manners and Occasions make up this set and I really just love the pictures. Also an easy way out if you need a solid birthday gift for a girlfriend who shows the early warning signs of good taste.
Silk & Cotton Solid Sheeting (Williams Sonoma Home)- So my fantasy choice here was Frette but their silly Italian website doesn't speak Firefox and I don't care to demote myself to Explorer. No offense. However, the diffused sheen on these give me chills and even if my bedroom is 6x9 ft (not an exaggeration) I still feel a little Roman Holiday. Kind've like wearing expensive make-up instead of carrying 5 hundo cash money handbags.
Loeffler Randall Ruby Side Zip- Like this one. Herein lies the problem- in search for a sheshe bag to lust after, I add it to my list instead of mercilessly mocking it. I'm still not this crazy.Diane Von Furstenberg Poppy Dress- DVF is one of my icons. She even feels a little more real to me now that Steph is running her boutique Mayfair after being stolen away from Harvey Nichols...my friends are so chic:) Don't even get me started on KMo's clients...Erickson Beamon "Bauhaus" Drop Earrings- Which reminds me that I want these to go with my DVF red poppy dress. They are also the perfect segue into my new client meeting tomorrow but you needn't know why that is. Maybe if we really thrill them I can afford these and then, my friends, we will have come full circle. I'll need to do this again, that was fun.
Oh Goodnight:)


Bethany said...

If you want a cashmere throw let me know!!! Ours retail for $500 also but I can send it to you for $195 which is the wholesale price. I have one in leaf green and LOVE IT!!! It is 55"x71" and we have it in black, brown, heather gray, cinnabar and the leaf green. Just wanted to give you a lesser expensive option to owning one:-)

Jessi Is said...

I think that sounds like Merry Christmas to Jessi!!! That is a big pile of cashmere:) Where can I go to view the colors? I will gladly link to a website *wink wink*

Anonymous said...

That DVF wrap dress looks eerily similar to one that Kate Walsh wore on "Private Practice" last week. (I am not a fan of that show, but I'm "giving it a chance.")
I love your "favorites" list! I may have to do one of my own;) (My Item #1: Jcrew Wool Gabardine Trousers - their TALL pants are a MUST for me!!!)

Anonymous said...

please, am looking for a cinnabar cashmere throw, and hoping that bethany will read this and can direct me to how i may see the color. and how does one possibly get the wholesale price?

thank you thank you.

ToKissTheCook said...

Anon- I did check in with Bethany for you but unfortunately their holiday orders have been placed and they cannot do single orders. I will try to keep the site updated for stores carrying it.