Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brunch or Check, Please?

Watching "Check, Please!" is maybe not the world's greatest idea when waiting for people to WAKE UP for brunch. Although, while I am proud that I've visited 2 out of the 6 restaurants covered (Coobah & Red Rooster Cafe), my list for places TO TRY continues to get longer and longer. Anyone up for a change of scenery?

1)Parrot Cage- Inside the South Shore Cultural Center, it is a cooking school that's located inside a swanky old country club. The building looks to have been part of the "Devil in the White City" era. They also served a trio of soups so you can try all of them and a skillet chocolate chip cookie with melting ice cream on top-smart COOK-ies.
2)Nandu- A Logan Square stop for Argentinian food that looks delicious!!! I need to get to that area more often- Friendship Chinese, La Fonda and Lula Cafe sounded great too!

3)One Sixtyblue- Michael Jordan's high-end French fusiony steak-out. Looked amazing but I'm going to wait for one the the expense accounts to come to town before venturing this high.

Alright, off to raid Kate's closet for tonight and do a little make-up shopping...Will report back later!


Jenn said...

I had no idea Michael Jordan had a French anything. The things I learn reading your blog!

P.S. I tagged you for a meme :D

Jamie said...

Oh! I'm always looking for new places here in Chicago to try when I go out with the boy.

Any moderately priced favorites you recommend?