Monday, November 12, 2007

Cat in the Hat

I want it noted that I put a pretty solid effort into keeping the creepy cat lady aspect of my life disguised and partially hidden under a pile of rejected work outfits, empty wine bottles and various glossies on the floor of my very single girl apartment. But I'm sorry, when the animals do these things on their own, it takes someone of a stronger constitution than I not to document it. No secret that I love hats but I had no idea that HC loved them too...she has actually curled her rather petite self into a small enough ball that she has all paws inside my favorite newsboy cap. What with her recent earrings fascination, girlfriend is becoming quite the accessorized fashionista.While we're being creepers...this was funny and a nice break from a solid meeting.


camille said...

i LOVE this, obvs. :)

Anonymous said...

My little furball Sydie likes to burrow under the duvet cover and sleep for hours, but also has a bizarre shoe fetish that amuses us to no end. Whenever one of us leaves a pair of shoes out, she curls up beside them and rests her head on them. Weird cat.