Wednesday, November 14, 2007

That's So Metal

The days have come around again and it's another fall full of concert shenanigans. I will say that I think we're aging pretty nicely. For the most part, people even drank their whiskey out of cups, although sometimes that seemed a little pointless. I am of course talking about the Cary Brothers, Ben Lee, Kahn Brothers concert last night at Double Door.
The Kahn Brothers were a cool duo out of Oz that did a mostly acoustic, 1/2 hour set. Pretty good stuff, I wouldn't say it was 100% my thing but it was a good crowd and they seem like solid guys.
The problem with being back/offstage is that it's tough to get much of a picture. The whole tour (Kahn Brothers and Ben Lee) joined Cary, Jaimeson and Justin onstage for the closer. Probably because I have seen the show a few times but never feel like I get to see my friends enough, we headed back to the bus right as Catch My Disease was finishing for Ben's set.

Fast forward to Jaimeson frantically looking for his Metalocalypse DVD while Damon and I are talking about Heroes and the cello (God I love this family). I am hardly the target audience for this show (needless to say my shower version of Black Hole Sun leaves to be desired) but it is pretty genius. Check it out if you dare. This was followed by about an hour of Flight of the Conchords and yet more Jameson. Made a quick foray to NorthSide with the whole group then fed the cat and showed off my new digs! I would love to be able to say that this was all inconsequential to my body but twas not.
No dinner and 4-5 (best guess) Jameson and Gingers does not a cute girl make. Jaimeson quite literally took pity on me and we landed at Hollywood Grill at North & Ashland around 4am for Greek and Old 57 omelets and hash browns. It's sick that tour buses actually leave at this hour.I rolled into bed around 5 and out of bed around 8 and into a large cup of DD coffee around 9. Which reminds me...why am I awake?

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