Monday, December 3, 2007

Bazeball Been Bery Bery Good To Me

I came across this on today's Chicagoist and was amused myself, but totally pigeonholed you guys and didn't bother with it beyond sending it to a real fan (I just love the dirty language). However, this then led to the hilarious clip below. So now TKTC has a whole post dedicated to baseball...kind've

I will also buy a cocktail for anyone who can name the source of the title quote without Googling it. I have vivid memories of my Dad and Uncle Larry repeating after many a big win. Quitters, please follow me.

Alright alright you got me...the link has nothing to do with the quote. I just love Perfect Strangers and it's a nice Chicago montage. Also, the answer is Garrett Morris' character Chico Escuela. Figured I should put the answer out there before I owe anyone else cocktails.

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