Monday, December 3, 2007

I Love Lamp.

If you ever wondered what me, Steve Carrell and Domino magazine might have in common, you now have your answer. Let's assume you've never wondered that but all the same, I have a new lighting crush. It may not be as seasonally appropriate as my other lighting crush, but I'm not worried.

Maybe I've been a little aloof to this but thanks to several of my regular reads, I've caught on the magazine blogs. The editors of the books that make me happy give you little bites of fun on a daily basis. And that even includes quarterlies like Blueprint (Thanks Sus!)!

Frankly I should really be on this and then some considering my friend Amanda's been writing one for Parents for awhile now. MommyBloggers, take note because she's a serious source and a bit of a fashionista to boot.

More to come on this but I will leave you with Lucky. That's got to be good news on a Monday, right?

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