Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh Happy Day

I am a smile MACHINE today. I am trying to keep my hubris in check because pride comes before the fall and all but this sunshine is getting to me. That and I pulled off a rather badass pitch if I do say so myself so this post is my reward before lunch and then I have to follow through! Per above, said pitch looks like it may lead me to Manhattan for business!! I've been dying for an excuse to get up there...

Jonk's done it again- I can't stop singing "Gray or Blue" by Jaymay which he posted earlier in the week. Today's feature? Joseph Arthur, another love (Honey & the Moon being my favorite for obvious reasons). I'm also singing A LOT of:

Lay Your Head Down by Keren Ann
If Les Fleur Were Mine by the Kleptones
Maybe Tonight by Nicole Atkins
A-Punk by Vampire Weekend

Check out a bigger music post tomorrow courtesy of Brother, his rooms Eric and mine/Colleen's Jose Gonzalez adventure...

I could so easily pretend this is me. To the door color. To the orange flowers and brown hobo.

I think you know how I feel about domino. It's like Christmas when it gets to the house and I must drop whatever I'm doing to read. It's the only magazine that still does that for me every time. I was really impressed by the recent dialogue that caught the Washington Post's attention. For all you decor lovers, I'm adding Decorno to my Google Reader. As for above? Drew is the upcoming cover girl and I already want everything in the leaked photos, including that dress she's wearing. Anticipate tearsheets...I haven't been this excited about someone else's space since Kate Walsh's house.

I've posted items from Creature Comforts before but I got so jazzed about the image above that I basically forcefed it to Susie's Tumblr. After an hour of catch-up last night, I'm still thanking my stars for the easy nonstops between Boston & Chi. Also- Ez, you're a rockstar in my book.

I've been recruited to help with some of the wedding details for Lisa and Dave's upcoming nupitals (they've both contributed at TKTC). They're two of my favorite people, getting married at one of my favorite times of year IN CHICAGO (bless them) and, let's be real, I love the details. We've been talking purple, aubergine to be exact, and then this lovely number showed up on my desk today. Front page of Tuesday's WWD. Aren't we in? And how hot is that suit from Bottega Venetta?

Also a few of the other bloggers I follow brought their A game today. This isn't out of the ordinary but today Chelsea and Adie were both just spot on about growing up. Ditto doesn't quite cut it so just check em out!

And I saw a number on the scale this morning that I haven't seen in a few years. Ya'll know girlfriend's been workin hard. You wouldn't know it but for all this talk of cupcakes, I'm eating a lot of steamed broccoli, baked sweet potatoes and grilled chicken. Guess I should be talking about that part more...

As if ALL that weren't enough to put some spring in my step....
e emailed me. It was pretty cute. Still grinning like an idiot even though it's looking like more snow. Off to see Ron & Chester with Nilsa!


ANG* said...

ahhhhh plane boy emailed you! :)
i just told lisa...thank goodness she got her google reader hooked up today!

love love LOVE the dark purples for their wedding. and yes, SO in right now...

So@24 said...

I don't know why, but you posting a giant Kidz Pix picture of a plane on your blog is hilarious

Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like you are having one kick-ass week, girlfriend! Great workout last night. I'm not shaking quite as much as my workout with DB, but man, my muscles ache today. What better way to recuperate than to drink some beer this afternoon while watching the games! Let's do it again next week! :-)

L Sass said...

I dropped Domino out of devotion to Blueprint... only to have Blueprint canceled. Why?!?!

Regarding plane boy-just watch out, you never know what might happen. :)
(See this post-

And, as I emailed, please come to Manhattan. Stat.

Cheryl said...

That is a damn happy day! Wishing you more. And yay for plane boy emails especially.

ToKissTheCook said...

Ang, I love that you two work close enough to keep an eye out:) And me too! She sent some really really cute stuff over. Gonna be gorgeous!!

So: I'm here to amuse. Please click the picture and print four copies off. Give one to Leo, Leroy and Jack, keeping one for yourself. Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's on me for whoever wins the coloring contest.

Nilsa: I'm workin on it! I'll be honest- me ass and triceps are really sore. That treadmill thing was a pain but damn that felt like it was working! Next week you are on!

Sass:I too looved Blueprint but it was so infrequent and subsequently cancelled. Domino is a whole other sisterfriend- worth every peny:)
Per NYC, not only has work now come up there but I've been invited to march in the Greek Independence Day Parade. I'm not quite Greek but I do so adore them:) I'll keep you posted!

Cheryl: I wrote him back, no word yet. Stay tuned on the sweetly romantic version of the mile-high club!

The Charming Hedonist said...

It took me a while to catch up, but this is AWESOME! I love meeting new friends on planes, especially cute ones!

shanti said...

i seem to have fallen off the face of the blogging universe and am soooo glad i got to catch up on all the great stuff here.
like i sass said, domino is fantastic, but i LOVED blueprint. too bad martha cut it.

good job on the pitch! i'm really proud of you, especially because i know how hard/disheartening all of it can get. "i'm going to NY on business" is always something i wanted to say.

hello by the way :)

Jonk said...

When we gonna get that Jose Gonzalez post??

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

If you come to NYC WE MUST MUST get together and have lots of food and drinks! yay