Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Morning First Encounter Beach

The sun fills our house in the morning so at 6 am, I was up and at em. I love getting up early (of my own accord). I love the sounds, I love the privacy, I love the light and, on the Cape, the smell. I wish I could find a way to describe it. It's so clean. Sweet but there a little bit of that bay stink. It's like the smell of a gas station- not technically a good smell but you loooove it. I took my mom's bike, a bottle of water, beach towel and my phone/camera to First Encounter Beach and arrived to a perfectly clean slate at 6:30 this morning.

I did my sun salutations, some awkward-looking stretching and jammed out to my Yoga tunes until it occurred to me that I was at the beach and thus should TAKE THE DAMN HEADPHONES OFF. Seabirds and the tide whooshing out and the various crackling and snapping that just sounds like open water. I feel new.

I'll probably have a different post on the topic of meditation at some point but I'm still munching on it so I headed home. Where I found two relics of a hilarious family dinner last night:

My Dad's boat won the Most Fish Caught trophy (the mammoth on the left) and my Uncle Bill then gifted him with his own Red Sox Bobble Head (Dad is the lone Yankees fan in the family). I about peed when the doll came out of the box. It actually looks like my father.

Aunt Mary made this crazy amazing vanilla rubarb cake. Brown sugar goodness on top with an almost-pudding like cake batter middle and sweet-tart rhubard on the bottom. I WILL be posting this recipe. YUM.
Mom and Pat got up as soon as I'd made some coffee and began goofing around as only sisters can.

Pat: Do you hear that?
Mom: No, is someone else up? Is it the dryer?
Pat: No no, listen.
Mom: I don't hear anything.
Pat: It's the donuts. There's another donut calling my name. Comming donut! I'm commining!!!
(Tap dances sideways back into the kitchen)
I love my family. And now I get to share them because after I put some earrings on and round up some car keys I am off to get SUSIE at the bus station!!! Yessss! A beach day with Peg!!!


Nilsa S. said...

OMG - I know EXACTLY what you mean. EXACTLY. Been there. Done it. Over and over and over again. And ... you're making me yearn. For July. When I get 9 days of it in a row. With friends. Family. And family to be. Oh my!

Cheryl said...

wow...that is so awesome, and for those of us not on the beach, you have to get and post the recipe for those bars. They sound amazing. I like anything with brown sugar goodness.

Anonymous said...

I need a major rhubarb fix - do post that recipe! And look at you - doing yoga on the beach. Too Zen! Sounds amazing. I had to settle for doing mine at the gym today, but I hit the pool immediately afterwards so the two forms of relaxation kinda flowed together seamlessly. Or something. I have no idea what I'm talking about. Just checking in and wanted you to know that I'm still alive and still very much a fan of your writing.

Molly McGuffin said...

hey lovely, the cod sounds amazing! Just a quick checkin fr mcd's in the delightfully dodgy area of clichy in paris. Guess who will be home in 2 wks??? Gros bisous!

kapgar said...

While I'd like to say I'm jealous of your time on the beach, I cannot since that was my entire week last week. Nice pictures, by the way.

Oh, and hellooooo Jessi!

L Sass said...

I got some great yoga in this weekend, but not on a beach. AM JEALOUS.

Also, you are the second blogger I've read this morning to post about rhubarb. I am craving big time now.

Alexa said...

i want the beach. pronto! how fun did your day sound. and rhubarb cake? very interesting!

So@24 said...

I was kind of hoping you'd post a good fish recipe with all that "most fish caught" stuff.

Trish Ryan said...

Yay Red Sox bobble head!

I have to remember to take the headphones off at the beach, too. Crazy, huh? You'd think we'd know :)

Emily said...

In Hoptown strangely enjoying the humidity but closing my eyes now and imagining the Cape. Ahhh... Sounds like a great weekend and of course wherever, whenever if family is there, it's a great. xo

ToKissTheCook said...

Nilsa: I'm so jealous of your extended vacation...I just get quick bites! You're gonna be ready for some down time at the beach!

Cheryl: Recipe en route!!

Miss Scarlett: Zen indeed- when CAN'T one use a little Zen?! AND swimming?? With everything going on, I'm so impressed that you're taking such fantastic care of yourself!!

McGuff: I. Can't. Wait. McDonald's Cheeseburgers taste better in America. Fact (although sadly it does not make them healthier).

Kapgar: You people and your weeks of beach vacay! I had one day! I squeezed a lot of sun and surf into that one day but man alive I would trade up!

L Sass & Alexa: Rhubarb. It's in season. It's cheap. You know you want some.

SO@24: Great call! I'll include the family's favorite grilled bass recipe as well!

Trish: Right? The fact that the Bobblehead is labeled "Little Papi" for my 6'4 father just makes it better. And particularly this time of year, I need to remember to participate in life noise rather than just throw my earbuds in.

Emily: I can't wait to see Hoptown- I am seriously excited by the prospect!! And good for you, now that you're a freelancer, I think you're gonna fall in love with your new-found schedule:)

kapgar said...

I doubt you'd trade knowing we also drove 1,400 miles in that week. Ack!