Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Open Door Policy: Cape Weekend Part 2

Back in Chicago now- where it is officially 25 degrees colder than it was in Mass....ridiculous. The remainder of the weekend just got better. Picking up where I left off, I was on my way out the door to grab Sues when I came upon the three fates watching Meet the Press for any news of Hillary's "Bobby Kennedy" slip. I don't think I could find a better picture for Mom and her sisters.

As Susie mentioned, her bus driver felt that the bus stop was open for interpretation so while I was wandering around the art show near the real bus stop, poor Susie was being dropped off a couple miles down the road. No matter though. She got ejected from the bus right in front of Ben & Jerry's and, well, let's just say I know the location well:)

We managed to skip a hello ice cream cone (the only time we said No to sugar for the next 24 hours) in favor of something much better/worse. Arnolds. The holy mecca of greasy, amazing beach eating. Onion rings the size of shoelaces and served in a pile the size of an office telephone. Clam rolls that melt in their salty, battered goodness right on your tongue. I like to add a little horseradish to my tartar sauce and...see for yourself:

Thank God I get to go to Piece tonight...just remembering is making me hungry. Once Sues had the ten cent tour and was introduced to her first round of family members, we decided to head to the beach. Now the forecast was for sun but with a cool breeze off the water. Even that morning I'd kept a hoodie on for most of my warrior poses. Alas, we put our swimsuits on underneath exercise pants and T-shirts just because it made it feel a little more like the beach.

So glad we brought sunblock "just in case" as well because it was STUNNING!!! Seriously, I have seen my unfair share of beautiful beach days on the Cape and this was really up there. The only downside was that in my haste to put sunblock on (I am an SPF 30 JUNKIE), I got hasty around my bathing suit bottoms and now have a hilarious tan line. Oh well, nothing that time and self tanner can't fix!

Sues was not thrilled with my stealthy photo abilities (thank YOU, cell phone!) but look at all the beautiful blues in this picture. We took a nice long walk with my cousin, just enjoying the day and the height of Horseshoe Crab mating season. 17 pairs of copulating crustaceans. Impressive.

The remainder of the day went a little like this: beer, eat rhubarb cake (recipe tomorrow), beer, AMAZING PEANUT BUTTER BLONDIE that Susie baked and brought, beer, eat one of Aunt Pat's O'Henrys, Dinner, beer, more cake and blondies & a muffin for breakfast. I may have successfully achieved type 2 diabetes this weekend.

We tried to go out but just couldn't rouse the energy to spend $15 dollars hanging out with townies and listening to Cracker at the Beachcomber. Too much sun. Too much sugar. And wine at home:)

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad. Sues was very patient with the 700 blogging/tech questions being thrown out and I think half my family will now be signing up for Twitter. I'm sorry in advance :) It's always funny to me when people find it odd that we met on the internet. I just don't think about it. I make friends in lots of places and find it to be such a treat that one of my good friends is someone who I never would have met otherwise. Aren't those the best kind?
Sues & Sas on Newbury

Brother drove us all the way back to Brookline through the traffic. It took some weaving, grunting and him vetoing my entire iPod (alright alright, the indie lady singers do start to sound alike after awhile) but we made it back with a full afternoon to spare.

Still feeling a little ill from our sugar OD, we decided to walk to Newbury St where I FINALLY met the divine SAS! We shopped (got a cute top at Zara), chatted about the XY's and just generally had a deliciously girl afternoon on a beautiful day. THANK YOU, Ladies!!

I took the T to airport, settled in for chowder and a salad at Legal and arrived home completely unscathed to a very happy Honeycat. Such a fun time and Sues is obviously welcome back now that the family knows she comes bearing wine and two varieties of baked deliciousness. My favorite thing about the fam is that we can have a great time when it's just the four of us but every house we've ever lived in just comes alive when it's full. That's one trait I have enthusiastically inherited and we get lucky with the most thoughtful guests!

I'm now off with my growling tummy to Piece where I will undo every single inch of my run this morning with a crazed gusto you've yet to witness. Piece be with you and Happy Birthday to the Epicurious Chemist!


Anonymous said...

Because I'm a huge dork (and because politics is my day job) - I'm dying to know you and your families reaction to Hillary's Bobby Kennedy remark. I'm no Hillary fan, but I honestly don't think she was saying, "I'm sticking around through June in case someone puts a bullet in Barack's head."
But man...Chris Matthews and the folks at MSNBC are KILLING her over this.

Sara said...

it was so great to finally met you! i'm sorry we didn't have more time to hang out... just have to make up for it next time! and hopefully we'll find you some jeans. i think i'm going back for the ones i tried on.

and you have to come to Sweet too! www.sweetcupcakes.com

xox, sas

Cheryl said...

The worst thing is, not only is it 20 degrees colder than Mass was, it's 40 degrees colder than Chicago was yesterday...WTF?

Anyway, glad you enjoyed MA.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Yum, I love the way you talk about food. You make everything sound so delicious!

Susie said...

Oh man, you and your stealth photos!

Fabulous weekend! And yes, the gym felt good this morning. Haha I totally think I may have developed type 2 diabetes as well. But you know what? It was worth it.

Thanks for everything!

ToKissTheCook said...

Miss Scarlett- Welcome back! And per Hillary's remark, I know she never in a million years would have meant it that way but I still can't believe she said it. I think the ladies pictured have much the same opinion on it. I'm cool to medium on Hillary and I'm hoping this primary business will just seal itself up already.

Sara/SAS: We will definitely need to make up for the short trip with some cocktails-n-cupcakes later in the summer and don't you worry about those jeans. It means I can lose a few more pounds before investing!

Cheryl: Yesterday was depressing. But things are looking up:)

Overcoat: I'm really glad you don't mind the food-talk because I talk about it A LOT!!

Sues: I know. I'm seriously the most annoying cell secret camera friend ever. But at least we have documentation! And I'm shocked that my pants still fit on Tuesday. Small miracle.

Nilsa S. said...

Oh, you're making me yearn for Cape Cod. I bet I know where that Ben & Jerry's is. Heheheh. And there's nothing wrong with meeting people on the internet - I mean, it is where I met the dashing Mr. Sweets, after all!

nicoleantoinette said...

I love when you hang out with Susie and recap it :)

I'm just jealous I can't be there!! What a glorious food time we'd have...

Alexa said...

this sounds fabulous!

and don't let your family or other non tech savvy folks think you are odd for meeting people on the net.

and the food? you know that's my soft spot! literally! ha

Katrin said...

This weekend makes me just a teeny bit jealous of you and your Blondies (as soon as I am over this diet, I'll have to make those!!!). Your parents look really nice - typically American. LOL

I miss the beach.

L Sass said...

I would love for my entire family to be on Twitter. I wish my mom would just Twitter instead of calling me 74 times / day to report on, say, the shoes she is perusing. (Love you, mom!)