Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tastespotting- A Great Break from Napping

I mentioned this yesterday but I am obsessed with TasteSpotting. Makes me want to get cooking so I can get featured! I've already found Larissa on there...who's next? Sues?
Larissa's Mushroom & Spinach Tart

This is also a GREAT way to find other food blogs (in fairness, I don't know that I still fit in this category but I'm living with/in it). My five favorites thus far (in no particular order):

My Achy Bakey Heart (covered yesterday)

I swear I'm inspired but just not feelin so hot...I did manage to feed myself a stellar feel good breakfast this morning though! (shortly before returning to bed)

Strawberries on the bottom with a half tsp of Chicago Honey Co-Op honey (a sweet reminder that the Green City Market re-opens tomorrow!!), a thin layer of Kashi Honey Almond Go Lean! Crunch, 1/2 a sliced banana, another 1/2 tsp of honey, Greek Style kefir poured over the top.

Stir and feel good about yourself and at least one decision you've made today.

Speaking of great decisions (no sarcasm), as of yesterday afternoon, I finally had access to my iTunes again. First thing I did was buy Ashtar Command's Love Songs in Advance of the Landing. Blister of the Spotlight*, China, Rosa, Holding Out for Love...all fantastic. This is going to be the album that sounds like spring for me, I can feel it.

Also playing in my kitchen (this should make Brother proud), Sunshine by Atmosphere. Yes, it's hip hop...is that still what the kids are calling it? Whatever it is, I'm a little addicted.


Heather said...

I too love Tastespotting. I always feel overwhelmed though because my Reader always shows tons of new posts, mostly from them. I also happen to be a big fan of Atmosphere. It may be the whole MN connection, but I'm not quite sure.

nicoleantoinette said...

Um, why did you post those DELICIOUS THINGS?!

Now? I want all of them.

nicoleantoinette said...

ALSO? why didn't I know about Tastespotting?! Stop giving me new addictions! I hate you!

I mean I love you, but... :)

sid said...

Joy the Baker's little treat looks gorgeous

Nilsa S. said...

That pizza looks fabulous. When are we getting together for dinner? (Note, I ask this just as I've sold my condo and most likely will need to be out within a few weeks - yikes!)

Anonymous said...

nom nom nom. i need to check that out.

and i just saw atmosphere at the metro a few weeks ago. i had never even heard of him before the show.

and props for your kashi eating!

Anonymous said...

i always love finding a new food blog!

thanks for the recommendations =)

Jenn said...

Worst post I could read right now. I mean, it's great! But I'm starving and it's not time for lunch yet :)

L Sass said...

I love food blogs. The problem is, as others have reported, THEY MAKE ME SO HUNGRY! BAD!

Cheryl said...

I am starving now!

Larissa said...

Mmmm. There are way too many delicious things on Tastespotting. That blueberry ice cream looks amazing!

ToKissTheCook said...

Heather: I was totally the caboose on this train. Which works since my caboose can only grow as by-product of this site. And it probably is MN as MN is awesome...hell yes Dan WIlson!

Nic: I fake-hate you too. Mostly because you say things about yourself that I know are true about me but that i've been in delicious denial of till now. But who doesn't love a new vice? :)

Sid: She's already my fave...that red velvet cake...I mean really.

Nilsa: CONGRATULATIONS! And you should just come to my house for dinner- last week of May or mid-June. You KNOW you're gonna need a packing break!

PBR: I'm improving rapidly...now if I could only stay away fromt eh cookies. Per Atmosphere, I can't believe you've already seen him live! And per "Nom nom Nom"...you sound like Cookie Monster. I love it.

Damsel: Anytime...TS is giving me more foodblogs than my reader can handle!

Jenn & Sass & Cheryl: Sorry Charlies, hope you both found really delicious lunching.

Larissa: Looks. So. Good. Seriously making that tart this weekend. I can already smell it.