Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And That's Why They Call Them The Blues

Laura, Jonny & Alexa for Jaimeson. I know...I need a real camera.

I spent last Friday night mostly at the House of Blues with a newly-arrived Molly and Lex. 75% House of Blues, 10% La Pasadita, 15% Getting rid of the hiccups at Wicked Park/my house. And while at the House of Blues, we were stage right for 60% of the time, upstairs in the upper left wing for 15%, wandering around the inner workings of the HOB for 5% of the time and in the Foundation Room for 20%.

This would be a good time to mention that my math isn't really trustworthy when I'm fed and caffeinated. Going on whiskey, maraschino cherries and fumes? Ballpark at best.

Joshua Radin was in town. He brought three rather lovely ladies with him: Miss Alexa Wilkinson, Miss Laura Jansen and Miss Vanessa Carlton. He also brought a very nice band including the exquisite and expressive Jonny but missing exactly one mustache in my opinion. So Friday night I hung out with some very good friends of Jaimeson's without him even in a 5 state radius. I'm sure he felt like he was there though. Upon looking at my phone on Saturday, I saw that he heard from us a lot that night. Pictures, texts, voicemails...Oh boy.

It was a great show, I hadn't seen Alexa since our field trip to Connecticut in June. As for Laura, I found her randomly on MySpace back in October and when I read that post now and think about all of the in-between and particularly how things tie together in the strangest ways...well, it's a "Dear Universe, thanks for listening to the things I wasn't really saying out loud" kind of thing.

Alexa in her voluminous white tutu with the cerulean trim and Laura with her bangs hangin' low did a version of Patty Griffin's "Long Ride Home" that gave me goosebumps. Truth be told, Ang's concert review is probably a little more reliable.
Mol and I needed to eat so we snagged Alexa and Allie and made a run for it to La Pasadita. Not real sure what's happening above but I love that you can see Alexa's tutu above the table and well into Molly's lap. I love that thing!

Below was part o Saturday morning's scene. Could NOT figure out why the sugar was out and open. Then I remembered. Someone had me convinced that eating a full tablespoon of sugar would get rid of the hiccups. No. Maybe 2 full tablespoons of sugar? No, but now my teeth feel funny.
We got the girls into a cab and headed back just in time for their bus call and while it was certainly sad to not have J around, being surrounded by his motley crew was further proof that good attracts good.

Now, as promised, new and new-ish to the playlist:

My Good Deed by Shearwater
Wandering Kind by Laura Veirs
Furr by Blitzen Trapper (fun guest post in the works with Jonk for the album release in Sept.)
Harmony 2 & I Didn't Mean to Hurt You (reminds me of Sigur Ros) by Spiritualized
Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart by Against Me! feat. Tegan (credit:Jaimeson)
It's About Time by Barcelona
Spend the Night by Deer Tick
The Garden by Mirah (credit: So You Think You Can Dance)
Southern Comfort by Arrah and the Ferns
Hometown Glory by Adele
Wanderlust King by Gogol Bordello

And visiting Dawn Mitschele's MySpace often


RebeccaC said...

I'm mystified by exactly who and what you are at this point. We'll need a full historical report at lunch today.

Shelley said...

When I first saw that video on Mraz's page, even though I had read what it said, I still didn't realize it was Bushwalla. His hair is ridiculously short.

Saw your Tumblr yesterday that had the video and I didn't know Mraz had a blogspot blog. I just assumed he had everything on his myspace page.

Any chance you are shelling out $30+ to see JM this November?