Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Speaking in/of Trapper

Several of you have rightfully called out the Blitzen Trapper reference below and admittedly they've been on my mind lately. As always, it was completely lovely (in the most badass way possible) to have the boys in town last week. We caught up for a bit and it occurs to me just how much can change in 6 months. Mike's engaged, Marty's baby girl is almost a toddler and everyone has rearranged their facial hair, as boys are wont to do. And for me, even since they ran into Jaimeson in London, things have mutated between me+J and it's funny looking back on trying to explain it to them at the time.

I've loved having a houseful of Trappers at every opportunity and even though they've now upgraded so that no one has to sleep under my kitchen table anymore, there's much to discuss over whiskey and wine. That said, they are ROCKING OUT right now and it's so fun to watch. I caught the back half of the title track,Furr, when they performed at Schuba's last week but I'd encourage you to watch their Conan segment from last night and pick up the new album.

Furr- Blitzen Trapper from ToKissTheCook on Vimeo.
I had it on full blast as I trekked to the Northwest last weekend and I still want to be out in the leaves and rocks listening to it now. Hell yeah Trappers- keep it coming and keep coming back!

TKTC Note: Another one to watch would be the opener from last week- Horse Feathers. Finch on a Saturday is available via both iTunes and eMusic.


Heather said...

I saw that they were on Conan last night and thought of you. I would have never heard of them if you hadn't mentioned them. : )

Molls said...

I love the music recommendations, keep 'em coming!

Susie said...

I love your Blitzen Trapper stories. And I'm totally loving their new stuff! Yay for fun musical friends!

Molls said...

Not to be a stalker, since this is my second comment on one post, but I am minorly obsessed with "Symphony 9 and the Sunshine". Seriously, I love the recommendations!