Sunday, July 24, 2011

Down on the Farm

It's midweek at this point but I'm still glowing from a proper Midwestern summer weekend. It kicked off with wine on my neighbor's deck, an overly wondrous nap and a birthday for one of my Mondays. If you can believe it, things just continued to climb from there.

Look at those beautiful, beautiful berries- it was another sweet year for the Jerseys at Joe's. The day was supposed to be nasty but we were running out of time to get our fruit so Molly and I drove out to Bangor anyway, fully prepared for rain and mud.

80, overcast and smelling of rain- perfect for picking. It didn't hurt that we arrived to some familiar faces on the wall.

Or that the sun came out as soon as our buckets were good and full. The light came in through the weave in my hat, leaving me with superfreckles I got quite attached to.

There was sour cherry beer to try and even a proper Blueberry jam session happening in the farmhouse. The boy with the marracas was my favorite.
I just love being on that farm. It's full of vintage farm equipment, wood-sided Wagoneers, cold beers and a collage of the state of Illinois I'd like to have run off with.

We couldn't believe our luck so we pushed it and drove 15 more minutes to South Haven.

I was pretty well coated in mud from getting all up in those blueberry bushes so it was in the water almost immediately then down for the count.

Five o'clock rolled around and we decided on a late lunch/early dinner in town. One Oberon, please. I think they brew this stuff specifically to be drunk on old wood decks overlooking Lake Michigan. This was the only one though and we drove home shortly thereafter. Unreal how close a vacation of that nature actually is- we were home by seven.

The next morning had its own fun. Bruce emailed to say he had a plethora of eggs from his chickadees and I think I waited all of 2 minutes to volunteer my house for consumption. I literally pulled an egg out from underneath a chicken in one of the laying boxes. This whole urban farm thing? I am a fan.

And then even though we had brunch plans with Kelly at Delish, I cooked it. I couldn't help it. I have a whole new meaning for 10 minute eggs. Hope your summers are churning out equally wonderful weekends.


Beyond the meal said...

That weekend sounded absolutely perfect! I also love traveling to South Haven for quick weekends!

HadleyRuth said...

a blueberry jam it!!!

TKTC said...

Beyond the Meal: It was so wonderful. I just love Michigan so very much.

Hadley- Thrilled that someone else appreciates my corny jokes :)

Kelly said...

Loving the recap of your weekend and thanks for the shout out. I definitely need to get a blueberry bush next year; I'm dripping with jealousy.

Anonymous said...

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