Monday, January 28, 2008

Wicked Park Weekend Update

So I know I went just a tad out of order because my internet friends just had me so excited but I gotta give credit where credit is due. As in, my formerly picky eater, Becca, announced last week that she wanted all the girls to go to Tango Sur for dinner. She provided all of the wine (her biz) and we had quite the buzz built by the time we got through a stellar set of empanadas. I can't believe it took me this long to get there but I can tell it won't take nearly as long to get back. It's cozy for sure and they don't take reservations but one of the best parts was the bill- BYOB is a pretty sweet concept for a steakhouse! Now, I don't eat a LOT of red meat but this place is known for it so I went with: Bife Vesuvio grilled prime steak sliced and filled with spinach, mar del plata cheese and garlic served in white wine sauce and with argentine style potatoes. After dinner I ran across the street to snag a cab with Caro down to Double Door for The Changes show. I'd only just found out they were playing that afternoon and am still pretty surprised there were tickets because these guys are coming around quickly.
Before The Changes took the stage, we heard from Bronze and I have to say I was impressed. This was a HUGE band but with a great sound, largely due to the presence of a brass section. Onstage. At Double Door. Fantastic. I've now been listening to them on MySpace for the last couple days and Chinatown in particular makes me want a pair of rollerskates for some reason. A deliciously different kind of throwback hook and a fun show. Better than a warm-up, I would not be at all surprised to start hearing whisperings on these guys/girls...
Next up, though was the main event for most of us. Caro works with a bunch of folks that went to high school with these guys, including 1/2 of one of my favorite pairs of brothers. Always great to see a brother at Double Door. Caro agreed- tough not to enjoy people who bust out with cell phone puppy pictures 5 minutes after an introduction:)

I think the group was entertained and a little enthused by the fact that I knew most of the words to the songs from Today is Tonight and Florida. When you're at a hometown show for a bunch of guys you grew up with, I'd imagine it can be tough to see how they've grown into a legit band when they're still the jackasses you hung out with in middle school. And I think this speaks to the band itself- still grounded, still interested in putting out some good music and still happy to see their best friends in the front 3 rows. Everyone hung out after the show until the venue closed and was just an all around fun night. Truthfully, I feel pretty lucky because it's been awhile since I've been to a show without kicking it with the band after. This is a total fluke but fun nonetheless. The Changes songs to get you started: Why Did You Wait So Long?, Her You and I, On A String & If I Tried. Or you could just buy both albums.
Saturday was spent at the gym, having a download brunch with Abs and Caro at Julius Meinl, unders shopping at Trousseau with a girlfriend who will remain nameless (another Hanky Panky convert, I should own stock) and straightening up the house for wine night with Sues & Co. I've covered Saturday night pretty thoroughly here but reminder below of my super fun night out at Pint with Susie and D:)
That morning, upon discovering a half eaten Lean Cuisine on my bedside table and the roof of my mouth burnt (why do I skip dinner on the silliest nights??), it was time for brunch at Orange with Marianne in Roscoe Village. I had Omelette #6 but this picture was too pretty not to post. A pancake flight? Smart puppies. Good thing both Marianne and I were super chouette and actaully wore orange to breakfast. The following phrases could also be accounted for:
"I'm thinking 'Are you Catholic or does sex just make you really nervous?!'"- hahahahahhaha

"Love happens at brunch." - said with the characteristic shoulder shrug, referencing the 6'6 red sitting behind us. Mar, are you sure you need to move to Germany? Fine. You know I'll visit.
After brunch and Sunday nap, I headed over for my spy shift at 1331 N Milwaukee. And, since ToKisstheCook IS (very deep in its roots) a cooking blog, I thought I would include this "recipe." I found it posted in The Boring Store office. My guess is that the "chef" is around 7 years old (note the spelling delights). 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream mixed with 1 cup of punch with the warning "Do not drink 10 glasses of it or you would get a major stomachache." Kids are my favorite.
I didn't walk out empty-handed (of course) so I'm planning a book post for later in the week. For now, it's late and after sleeping through training this morning (whoops), I'm gonna need some rest for tomorrow!


d said...

i love that kid's recipe. and tango sur...stop making me hungry!!

Anonymous said...

i haven't heard of those bands but you've intrigued me to check them out!

just went to kitch'n on roscoe this weekend for brunch...and now i want to go back over there for brunch.

and chouette? i had totally forgotten that word from my 6+ years of french. nice.

Jones said...

ditto jones re: the word chouette ... I have to tell you about my culture-filled Saturday night sometime soon. Thank you, Thank you for introducing me to Nac27 circa sept 2006 -- still as fabulous as ever.

Jamie Lovely said...

I need to explore some of these places you mention all the time on your blog. They all sound so yummy!

Shanti said...

mmm orange. i love brunch conversations. my first trip to orange resulted in me threatening to go outside and yell "i'm afraid of being in love! are you happy now?" i don't really remember why, but then again i was probably hungover and pissed at a boy.

i've heard of the changes before, but i think its about time i listened to them again.
p.s. you're really pretty. haha

OH and i forgot to add it onto my comment from the last post, but if you are ever in long beach we could totally go up to LA *its like 25 minutes away* and paint the town red with so@24.

D$ said...

roscoe now has kitch'n AND orange? im such a hip foodie to have lived there. **he dust's off shoulder**

ToKissTheCook said...

D: Ice Cream Punch for everyone! We can spike it for our party.

PBRazz: They're both great, it'll be a little easier to track down the Changes but Bronze oughta be around soon enough! AND what day were you there? We were right next door. Crazy chouette.

Joner: I do love me some Nacional 27. Yum. How did I not know you had a buddy managing there?? Let's go back!

Jamie: For as much as I like to cook, I certainly seem to be eating out alot...maybe that's why I'm always broke. Hmmm. That or shoes, tough call.

Shanti: If I'm ever in LA, there will be all KINDS of crazy mischief happening. I guess it's only a matter of time...And Thanks:)

"Dust": Yeah yeah yeah... :)