Monday, February 25, 2008

Dear Universe: WTF?

I don't much write about the kissing portion of To Kiss the Cook. I'm pretty visible so I reserve my bawdier personalities for commenting on other people's blogs. This was too crazy not to share though so... a rare Monday treat:

I have had someone in my picture on and off for awhile. If it were a light switch it would be mostly sultry dim and off. Jaimeson's one of my favorite people and I turned around one day and realized he was kind've getting to me. It was an interesting revelation and one I've struggled with a bit more than I like admitting. He's been referenced here before but the brief is this: does not live here, is Greek (this would be among the first things he'd tell you so I'm including it), tells great stories, travels constantly, is all lit up inside, thinks he might be Tom Baker, makes me feel alive, introduced me to some favorite Chicago spots and the small item of serious chemistry.

It's just not a good idea right now. I'm in the mood for a healthy relationship for the first time in 3 years. He is one of my very favorite people but not at this minute a candidate for that. I do so thoroughly adore him but no, not right now and I don't know when. The latest game plan was to see him Friday between his projects and I needed to bring myself to a simmer before then.

The Punchline
In an effort toward equilibrium, I decide to distract myself by making lists and I even got on a popular online dating site Thursday. This was quite easy. I like dates, I like new people= so far so good (had done it for a month as a deal with some girlfriends last summer). After perusing for a bit that night, I came across an attractive, older guy who still loved the music scene but had gone the MBA route, loves kids and was actively oriented. Wow. This guy is the grown-up version of the one I'm all hung up on. I emailed him. Carefully planned wit and relevance based on his profile. Sent.

It's when I'm about to close the window that I see I missed a few pics so I click through.

{Insert primal, gutteral shriek}

Pictured circa 1999: Internet-Boy with Jaimeson. College buddy style.

I just hit on one of his oldest friends. In a well-documented capacity. On an online dating site. WTF.

Let's save ourselves some time and skip that part.
Open question to the universe:
What exactly was the message here? Cause I know there has to be one. That is absurd and you are losing your subtle touch.
Do I tell him?? Can I take it back? Do I have to tell Jaimeson?!!

I tailspinned for the next day but finally settled on seeing J that night. Which was a blast, par for course. Violet Hour? Rocked my world. Although their whole "Place for a Secret Affair" tag? No secret here. I told him. Predictably, he was great. Tickled even.

"You know you met him right?"
"What? No I didn't. I remember people."
"Schuba's last summer"
"You can't date him."
"He's like a grown up you- delightful."
"I'm a grown up me and No. Has he emailed you back?"
"No, I'm either not cute enough or he thinks I'm too young for him."
"You are universally cute enough. He may also have a better memory than you do. Hahahhahaha"

It was a good/great talk. It was a fun night. Nothing's changed and I'm moving forward with the healthy relationship hunt. But it did reaffirm the suspicion that we've probably not heard the last of My Dear. I stopped at the Dominick's by O'Hare after sending him off on the jet plane. Filled my cart with good things and old favorites and some falafel mix. Not just because it was vegetarian either.

This whole Law of Attraction thing is starting to freak me out.


Gjelly said...

That would soooo happen to me! And, that's exactly why I refuse to go on one of those dating sites. Hilarious!

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

Honey, I feel your pain. Only I've done this online AND in person.

It's worse when you hit on someone and they say, "Wait a minute, didn't you date __________." Because then you can't hide behind your computer screen.

Cheryl said...

Oh my god. I wish i had some advice, but just know that much worst mistakes have been made in the world of dating. Much worse.

erin said...

i have the same reaction now that i had on saturday....just, wow. wtf.

ToKissTheCook said...

G: That is not the website's fault. The first and only person I contacted. The day before I was set to see J and feeling mixed about it. For them to not only be friends but for J to actually be PICTURED. That's not the website's fault. Yipes.

Joy: True. And now if I come across this guy again, it will have to be acknowledged and it will probably be funny.

Cheryl: True. That is absolutely true. This borders more on the simply absurd. Like the universe smacked me upside the head for getting too cocky. About what? Who knows.

Erin: Thank God you were around for the recap. BTW, I got a coffee at Allegiance this morning and it tasted fine. I might have just been on crack Saturday.

Susie said...

Wow, that is so crazy. What are the chances??

And um, we have way lots in common. It's kind of ridiculous. Sooo many parallels! We need to chat soon!

Not to mention, I LOVE singing up and down the grocery store aisles!