Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CHICago is My Kind of Town

I got my swank on for a bit tonight. The Boss likes for Colleague and I to attend networking events here and there and tonight was "Fashion Group's" Fall Trend Forecast. Translation: All those in Chicago qualifying for a subscription to Women's Wear Daily drinking pink grapefruit champagne cocktails and watching a GIGANTIC slideshow of fashion week highlights at the James Hotel. Colleague and I were exchanging notes through most of it on different outfits etc and then we had a chance to do the mingle.

Now y'all know I work in the salon side of Beauty PR. Well I walked up to a table and one of the Chicago Beauty beacons I work with as a client goes "TKTC, your hair looks fabulous, who are you going to?!" And I'm all, "Really? Thanks, I'm overdue to see Wes at the Ruby Room."

At which point a second man at the table starts positively beaming. He owns the Ruby Room. Small world. So we talk about the neighborhood (down the street from me) and I'm drilling him about this fabulous little dynasty he and his wife have built. It was lovely. And reminded me that I really need to try to book Wes before I leave for the UK next week
(TKTC Note: Damn I sound like a jetsetter in this post! Reality check: hanging out with a pink buzz in my sweatpants. Oh yes, jetSET.)

Moving on, that reminded me of my Daily Candy from yesterday and a Chicagoist entry today calling out a healthy fro yo place opening .... under the Ruby Room. Not only that but FREE tonight. So I decided to make a neighborhood night of it.

I got home from my swank little faaahhhshion dahling preview, got out of my wrapdress and into a zippy then called in some sushi. Did I mention it's suddenly beautiful out?

Starfruit is quite literally 4 minutes away. And all of the fro yo is made with kefir...my new favorite thing (Probiotic, Greek-style yogurt milk...obviously I love it) and after finding it at Stanley's I've been eating it for a week with a little honey and strawberries for Bfast. Yum.

But for ice cream...I had the original with Butterfinger to counteract anything TOO healthy. And on my way out to pick up my real dinner, I even bumped into an old sorority sister (don't laugh, I loved ever minute of it).

So here we are back at the ranch. Swirled, Sushi-ed, Swanked, Sweatpanting and ready for some Leno!

Also- almost totally unrelated- one of my other TV crushes (the one that reminds me of Jamieson) is now the voice of Applebees? Really, Aiden?


shanti said...

i miss fab nights like the one you had. and i love the james hotel.

i thought of you and some other chicago folk while i was at the gym today. the t.v. was on some news channel and they said it is going to be 70 degrees in chicago tomorrow. i knew you guys would be pumped.

Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like a fabulous night. For some reason, I feel like this stuff happens to you all the time!

BTW, my friends stayed at the Ruby Room. I hear they have B&B rooms that are very reasonably priced!

d said...

boo ya. what a night! you're heading to the union jack?? you do realize we're in the midst of the champions league semifinals, and three english teams are left.

prepare for football.

Cheryl said...

What a fabulou night. I mean fashion, salons, sushi. The only word for it is fabulous.

I totally noticed the Applebee's thing. It's kind of weird to me.

ToKissTheCook said...

Shanti: I had never BEEN to the James Hotel but sure as sugar I will be going back! And you were obviously right, we’re all THRILLED with the sunny day☺

Nilsa: Ever since I started paying attention, it kinda does! And per the B&B rooms, I’ve looked into them for my parents. They are very cute and are really the only hotel in this part of town!

DRock: I AM heading to the Union Jack one week from tonight! You’re going to need to catch me up on the futbol. I’m staying with massive fans and while I really do like to watch it (more than any other sport actually), I don’t even have US cable and am thus out of the loop!

Cheryl: We do so love the fabulousness. Are you still apartment-hunting in our hood? We’re losing PBRazz to Lakeview so I think you should come down to keep it somewhere near even. And I think John Corbett’s voice is sexy so I’m not complaining but I will just say “Applebees?” again and scratch my head.

So@24 said...

Your casting call for "Beth" was spot on! (Speaking of Casting Calls)

L Sass said...

Ooh... this is like Pinkberry, right? My asst sent me a link to this company to the effect of "If they have Pinkberry knock offs in Chicago, I'm moving, too!"