Monday, April 14, 2008

It's a Thick Line Between Love and TV: Part III

Twas making the rounds on Tumblr a couple weeks ago. wow.

This is the time of day when my mind gets to wandering. Away from my desk but not anywhere in particular.

Ok that last part is just false. Today I have wandered right into Joseph Gordon Levitt. Again.

Now I've been known to have a TV crush a time or two. JGL has the auspicious honor of being a man preferred in the movies AND on TV. No, not 3rd Rock. Yesterday being Lazy Sunday, I caught a couple That 70's Show re-runs...including a real treat where JGL guest stars as Eric's new best friend who tries to make out with him. Topher Grace, where have you gone?

I digress, you can just enjoy this deliciously intelligent man while I wrap up my projects. Clean shaven above and with some very sexy neck scruff talking about French accents, movies etc here. When did I become such a facial hair advocate? Must be all these vampires and werewolves I keep running around with.


The Ex said...

Ohmygoodnesss. That looks utterly delicious.

Susie said...

I neverrr used to like that boy until I saw these pictures. And then, wow.

Wireless said...
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L Sass said...

Hmm... as much as I think we have similar taste, I can't get on board the JGL-train.

I prefer my men scrawny and balding!

ToKissTheCook said...

Ex: Right? It's afternoon again and he still looks like a right fun time to me.

Sues: I'll always take a convert. Plus, if it turns out he IS into blondes, then I'll hand him over:)

Sass: I still love John Corbett and John Krasinski too. Don't think I have much of a type anymore. Used to be tall and scrawny, now just tall!

Jonk said...

If you'd have told me in 1998 that JGL and C-Schif would be together in pictures like this, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have believed it.

Come to think of it, I'm still not sure why they're together??

ToKissTheCook said...

Jon: Thnking this may be next generation's been awhile since her Copperfield days though I'm sure she's still sexy as hell.

Like JGL... which is why this makes absolute sense:)