Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bright Glittering Gifts

For the record, I have my least melodramatic tone on. I'm too tired. I think I've been running on an adrenaline/oxytocin/ good food cocktail for the last week. It's better than carb-loading but my body still feels like it hoofed a super-marathon.

Drove him to the airport at 4:30 this morning...two days later than he was originally supposed to leave but it was pushed and pushed and pushed until there was life and work to be done and it couldn't be pushed anymore without pushing back.

Can't help but think maybe though. I had my first work dinner with my new job last night. A fabulous time at Graham Elliot with smart women and incredible food. I came home full and happy and drawling from a bottle of Kangarilla Road Shiraz blend and a Lemon Basil Mojito.

I came home at the same time he did and we were coming up the walk a few seconds apart. It actually felt like coming home more for that reason than because I'd arrived at the place where I live. We hadn't been apart for more than 10 minutes in the last six days so several hours felt fairly exaggerated.

I'm too tired to feel too terribly much at the moment so I'm throwing myself into apartment hunting for friends and looking for any new food blogs. I'm listening to Laura Veirs' album Saltbreakers while staring at the clean and folded laundry in the corner next to my desk.

Thank God for the exhaustion or I might put on my new orange rose earrings, $3 thrifted polyester jacket and the extra-dark aviators I made him wear last night after he shaved his fu man chu into a SuperTrooper cop stache that showcases the dimples. Basically just ridiculously surround myself with the things that remind me of him being here. As it stands, I'm just tired enough to eat some leftover Smoke Daddy from two nights ago and ride out the impending summer storm from bed.

I'll probably take this down later. But I'm too tired not to say it now.

More on the fantasma that is Graham Elliot (plays Sufjan Stevens when you visit the website, makes cheesy brioche "twinkies" to accompany Caesar salad, salted toffee ice cream and molten carrot cake, smoked gelato on beef tartare...) tomorrow when I can accomplish more than drool on the keyboard in complete sensory overload.


The Charming Hedonist said...

I hate the airport run.

D$ said...

kinda jealous you got to go to grahm elliot. i got a thrillist email about this when it opened. maybe i can talk the lolla crew into a music-buzzed binge.

Susie said...

ohhhh J, I'm soooo happy for you and still, this post made me so sad. It sounded like a fabulous weekend though and I can't wait to hear more about it in detail ASAP.

And I just spent WAY too long on that Graham Elliot website. Wow.

Anonymous said...

GE is so delish! I loved the dark chocolate/peanut butter dessert...and the skate that i had for dinner. And the gnocchi. And I'll stop now.

was in the old hood last night and got kinda sad. we'll need to hang out when the craziness of the summertime ends.

Nilsa S. said...

Food. Boys. New Job. Good Life. Drool and all. Don't forget it!

L Sass said...

Being apart sucks.

The end.