Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"We're Winning!"

People rarely say it out loud because it tends to tempt fate but here goes: I'm happy. And it's not one particular thing that's making me this way but rather a comprehensive effort on all fronts.

As you're well aware, Jaimeson has been here since late Thursday. What does that entail might you ask? Well, it entails having the perfect partner in crime for all of the things I've been meaning to do in this city...mostly involving food, obviously.

For instance, I'm an avid fan of Check, Please. A while back I'd seen a Lebanese place reviewed deliciously by all three panelists and had been craving ever since. Friday we took our bottle of wine to the Brown line and for $2 each got all the way to Albany Park to visit Semiramis (visible from the Kedzie station). We split incredible fries covered in olive oil, salt and sumac, some Baba Ganoush and then J had the Beef/Lamb Kofte and I had the Falafel special. A pastry trio and some devout coffee later, I can't find strong enough words to recommend this place so I'm just going to say GO!!!

Afterward, we decided to continue our Northern trek to the land of old friends...Evanston. Jaimeson hadn't met CVDJ or Bobby J and I hadn't met his friend Phil so we all met up at Prarie Moon to get fully aquainted with each other and some Jameson (namesake, much?). Let's just say that I won't be changing my own CB Handle anytime soon and while we had so much fun, it was a slow Saturday morning and I was more than grateful for the other half of my falafel special!!

Let me rephrase, Saturday wasn't all that slow. Once we got moving, the hits just kept on coming. We grabbed coffee at Alliance, took the bus down Division and proceeded to collect bounty at two Farmer's Markets, Sur La Table (TOYS!) and Whole Foods. D$ and Mar met us at the Green City Market and D showed up with tomatoes, jalapenos, etc. from his own garden in O-H-I-O as well as oranges from his grandparent's grove in FL. I am one lucky girl!!!

7 miles walking and one naptime later, we started to make a feast. Flank steak salad with roasted shallots, a thyme vinaigrette and fresh Capriole goat cheese. Honey-roasted tomato bruschetta, sauteed baby courgettes and wine. All eaten outside with total gusto and appreciation.
Not a great shot but VOILA! Dinner!

Bruschetta. OM WOW.

But the hits just kept on coming... after our big night on Friday, we spent Saturday night watching Wall-E in a half-empty theater and proceeded to walk home. I love a nice walk on a good night....all the better with built-in security detail.
Sunday we couldn't figure out how to top ourselves so instead of overthinking it on an empty stomach, we went to Milk&Honey for brunch and then decided to "take a lap" around the neighborhood. Taking a lap then turned into attending the small but fabulous music festival on Damen where we shopped, danced and stopped to pet and identify every single puppy we came across. There were a lot. Dinner was Thai Village take-out in the park, still well within earshot of Bob Schneider's set, and then the return home to finish watching The Philadelphia Story (an all-time favorite). Also saw Film School, Maps & Atlases, Van Ghost, Dub Trio, The Most Serene Republic and listened to the Charlie Hunter Trio. Not bad for $5.
Last night we took the train up to Ravinia to picnic with Mama Jaimeson & Co. and hear Canadian Brass play. More outdoor eating, more wine and of course the requisite 4-6 year old dance company putting on an impromptu conetmporary performance on the blanket next to us. So cute and I wish I could have filmed that. Amazing. We got home, make popcorn and watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix until someone fell asleep.
*TKTC Note: The best part is the devious looks on our faces when we realize we consistently have the exact same best case scenario. Like watching Harry Potter and gorging ourselves on popcorn. Hilarious.
This probably wasn't the best organized post but I needed to say something and he has a profound impact on my ability to organize my thoughts anyway. The proximity is fleeting, but it's been nothing short of stellar/ I'm all glowy. The running joke has been that we keep winning. Only it's not quite a joke, it really feels that way.


Molly McGuffin said...

awwwww. c'est tout. that's all i got.

camille said...

LOVE it! Cheers, J!

L Sass said...

Such a wonderful weekend!

I adore A Philadelphia Story. I made AS take me to a screening on our first Valentines Day!

Cheryl said...

I love Check Please!

Nilsa S. said...

You have the best food stories! I'm pretty sure I've been to that Lebanese place a few years ago. Scrumptious.

BTW, I gave Uncle Tim's Bridge a wave for you last week. =)

So@24 said...

Did you get choked up while watching Wall E?

Come on, Cook! Validate me!

Katrin said...

Every time I read your blog I get hungry. Even after I just had a huge breakfast... Lover-ly!