Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dance Dance Dance

First- a Sesame Street-sized thank you for the sweetness this week. On and Off-line!

Second- I can't believe it's Friday. Thank God I'm allowed to come back on Monday because I'm just starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of things around the office. For instance:
  • I learned how to open a New Document in the new Microsoft Word. Seriously...I was so confused. This from a writer...I thought I knew you, Word. I really thought we had something special going. You're a whole different animal with your Office voice on.
  • I am an appointment-setting fool on Outlook. And those appointments are amazing. No joke...people come in and they tell me everything I could've hoped to know and then show me how to do things on my computer. For a social media person, I have a surprising amount to learn about Windows shortcuts and the mystery know as "intranet."
  • I actually don't mind making my own lunch. Or getting up with enough time to make and take my coffee the way I like it. I didn't eat till late in the day but the tuna salad with cherry tomatoes halved and making a smiley face and romaine lettuce bangs? Made me laugh and reminded me to schedule a hair appt.
  • I love brainstorms. That's the kind of thing that people respond with, " say that now but just wait." I don't think so this time. It's energizing. It's invigorating. It's inspiring to be at a table with a bunch of smart cookies. And the fact that I'm allowed to sit in on these my first week and contribute is just plain rad.
  • The rest of my days have been spent reading cases, reading blogs (one dedicated to artisan cured meats- wow) and listening to various covers by the Vitamin String Quartet. Hallelujah (from the So You Think You Can Dance finale) is getting me incredibly jazzed and isn't distracting. And speaking of Dance Dance Dance...CONGRATULATIONS!
TKTC Note: Whenever I use the word "rad," I think of Tumblr. Anyone want to back me up there? Did I just test positive for hipster jargon? I've not forsaken you, Blogger. It's Twitter with pictures.

TKTC Note: Also, dinner tonight was whole wheat pasta with sauteed sliced courgettes and two cubes of pesto. Have half for lunch tomorrow. Freezing that pesto is one of the nicest things I've done for myself in awhile. If I go to bed now, we may have a very pleasant trend on our hands.

Final thing that made me do a jig before bed? May have been compared to a particularly fabled writer but with food (curly hair, great shoes). Those are some mighty big stilettos to fill but here's to big feet and a lot of subjugating till Labor Day!


Nilsa S. said...

Ooooh, girl, sounds like you have a big old learning curve ahead of you with Windows. Ever in a jam, give me a holler. I'm pretty good with it. :-)

Alexa said...

now i have that tumble song in my head. i think WHAM sung it didn't they?

i'll tumble for you, i'll tumble for you, i'll tumble for you.


Lauren said...

Oh man. At work we have PCs with Vista on them. Now, being a Mac girl at home, I was familiar enough with Microsoft Word. But Vista version? It took me a few minutes to figure out how to open a new document so I completely know what you mean!

As for cooking, that pesto spaghetti dinner sounds AMAZING! I wish I could cook that well!

Jenn said...

I remember when I first got Microsoft 2007. Word confused the crap out of me. Then my job upgraded and I was forced to learn. It's pretty easy when you get the hang of it.

Bayjb said...

Office 2007 is ridiculously confusing. I won't tell you how insane I felt when we first got it. But soon you will love Outlook like I have come to and you'll be two peas in a pod. Lunch this week?

RebeccaC said...

I'm so glad we got to bond over the "intranet" files on Friday. Your blog is great. Glad we discussed.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Love to freeze the pesto...

And since I am due a new computer, I am sure that I will be complaining very soon that I don't know how to operate things...I just know it is going to happen.

Susie said...

I've used Office all my life and I still don't get it.

Am patiently waiting for the creme brulee post!!!

lbs said...

Hey there! i linked to your blog today. Loved the 20-something group you belong to, so I joined. I work at Edelman on 63. I think I met you actually. Anyway, welcome!