Thursday, November 13, 2008


This post marks the beginning of my brother's first full day as a 24 year old. Which is to say, a day late. I'm not so worried though because I got him a present this year and I'm feeling at least decent about it. I'd show you, but today may be the day he checks in on his sister's silly little website so no, I hate a ruined surprise.

Instead, I ask you to celebrate my brother's birthday and try to stay in theme.

It's Friday. Go get a nice little scotch, find some crunk, almost totally obscure new music, eat whatever you want because you burn 2,500 calories an hour and charm then the pants off anyone with witty banter and uncanny (bordering on suspicious) board game/trivia skills.

Can you even imagine a better way to celebrate a Friday? What if that was every day? I just blew your mind.

I got a text from him last night as he was celebrating his team as the Slow Pitch Softball League Champions. Consistent and Amazing. Consistently amazing.

It would border on grating how easy he is to love as a person if he were not in fact one of the world's most genuinely huggable individuals.

So cheers, Brother, we have much toasting to do! I may get started without you over a rich cognac with Pop this weekend.

That's right folks...I leave for Seattle tomorrow night. The Jaimeson is meeting The Pop Pop and it occurs to me now that I should really quit fake complaining about how many tall, charming men I get to hang out with lately.


elle michelle said...

Aww, happy birthday to that tall, charming bastard.

stacy di said...

you are such a nice sister!!

Susie said...

Fine, I'll have some scotch tonight...but only because it's your bro's birthday!

Have soo much fun in Seattle with the boy and the Pops! Make sure he updates the blog :)

Katrin said...

Happy belated birthday to your brother! Ha! And I actually did drink and overeat. Woohoo!

Have fun in Seattle.