Friday, February 8, 2008

Packing Heat

The high in Memphis on Saturday is 60 degrees. I don't remember how to pack for this temperature so I have boycotted. I made a list of things that will be packed tomorrow. What have I accomplished tonight?

I tried on my outfit for the wedding. I watched Away from Her (really really good. whole nother post). I finally made that butternut squash ravioli. I used my cat as a heating pad. I went to bed before 1. Almost.

I'm a bit of a stress bomb at the office. A lot to get done in a half day tomorrow. But tomorrow I go home for dinner with my Dad, birthday cake martinis with JB, Lunch with Kimmy, Jesse's wedding and debauchery. I think even get to hang with Charlotte on Sunday.

And my article on backstage hair from fashion week got approved...I will try to share some shots when I can because they make me all fluttery inside!! And speaking of fashion week...a thick piece of vegan chocolate karma cake to Midwest Jess for the corset confection she sent to the frontlines on Julia Allison!!

TKTC Note: I LOVE Charlize Theron.


Shanti said...

oh lord...butternut squash anything is my weakness. i love fall menus. i also use my pet, a dog though, as a heating pad and i LOVE julia allison. that corset is hot, kudos to jessica.

i'm really glad your article was approved. it truly is an accomplishment.

have fun this weekend in your super fierce dress!

p.s. im drunk so i'm sorry if this doesn't make sense!

Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like you're super busy and making the most of it all. Hope you take a time-out to reflect and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

i want some butternut squash ravioli! yum.

have a great weekend!

ToKissTheCook said...

Shanti: You and me both sister. I own that color group in food. Shoot Jess some kudos for sure...she's bout to be a big star.

The article isn't such a huge deal but it was something fun that I WANTED to do and now get to. So it is big in that way.

And way to be totally coherent while wasted!

Nilsa: Oh no worries, it all comes together... don't you love weddings? :) Did you get the guitar info I sent?

PBR: Freezer section at Whole Foods. Visualize.